Economic Immigration

Canada is open to business and eagerly welcomes entrepreneurs.  They bring investment capital, create jobs, build international connections, and transfer skills, knowledge, and expertise.  In sum, business immigration is integral to building Canada’s economy, culture, and future.

Options for business immigration are not as available as they were in the past, and with our business immigration law expertise, we know how to solve this issue.  From obtaining the right work permit and setting up your business, to securing permanent resident status and helping your business grow, we can design a long-term immigration and business strategy that works for you, your family, your business and your timelines. 

Related Services

We can help you:


Additionally, we can assist with personal immigration matters such as:

  • Permanent Resident Visas
  • Work Permits
  • Study Permits
  • Visitor Visas
  • Family Sponsorship
  • International Experience Canada Visas


Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to start a business in Canada, an established business interested in opening a branch in Toronto, an individual looking to buy a business in Vancouver, or a Canadian business looking to find the right employees in Halifax. We know you want more than just a lawyer, but a coach and guide, who understands your needs and has your back throughout your entire journey. With knowledge of all areas of business law, our support does not dissolve once you cross the border, but continues as you build your new life in your new country. 

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