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A partner at Morrison Brown Sosnovitch LLP, Ross focuses primarily on civil litigation with an emphasis on commercial, real estate, and corporate matters, and tax and assessment appeals. He represents clients before Ontario Municipal Board hearings, in arbitration and hearings before other administrative tribunals, and in criminal matters involving “white collar” offenses.

Preparation is the hallmark of Ross’ work. A believer in the adage, “Forewarned is forearmed”, Ross believes that diligent, methodical, and thorough preparation is the groundwork behind any successful outcome. He has the experience to appreciate that the outcome of litigation can often have life-altering consequences and often hinges on the steps that are taken ahead of time. Clients rely on Ross to provide them with a properly researched plan and strategy that not only sets them off in the right direction, but keeps them squarely on course so they never have to worry about getting “lost” in the middle of any legal action.

Outside of work, Ross enjoys reading a broad range of fiction. He also appreciates art and an eclectic selection of music ranging from symphony to rock.

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