We are ‘Big in skills. Small in attitude.’

We understand business and the law and prove it to you by finding innovative solutions for your complex legal issues. You deserve quality work and we stand for nothing less. We believe that diligence and preparedness sets the groundwork for a successful outcome. Our goal is to unburden you from the details and work through the business implications to help find the right business/legal solution for you and your company.

We do this while still providing you with friendly, responsive and down-to-earth service. Quality is our top priority, but our service is personal.

We think beyond the text books.

When clients come to us, we know you are concerned about a whole gamut of issues and often need someone to cut through the clutter without creating any more problems along the way. We think beyond the text books to provide you with real-world solutions that take into consideration everything from desired outcomes and company politics, to management’s ability to implement and administer, and the associated costs that come with that resolution.

Our advice is relevant and actionable and we provide you with a plan.

We offer no-nonsense advice.

Although we are lawyers, and take pride in our professionalism, we do not speak legalese, but the language of business. We recognize that the personalities running the company are often as important as what you do and how you do it. We therefore tailor our advice not just to your specific circumstances, but also your corporate make-up.

Our lawyers work to understand your specific business so we can help make your company more profitable.

We stay on top of your business.

We are in the service business and we know the secret to our success is exceeding our client’s service expectations. We really believe that providing personal exceptional service is still the key to good business. Whether it be responding to your requests quickly and getting you what you need when you need it, coming to you for meetings, or providing friendly reminders of project timelines so you stay ahead of important dates, we have a commitment to quality personal service, and a responsive atmosphere.

Regardless of who you deal with at MBS, our entire team will go out of their way to help you and make sure you know how important you are to our firm. At MBS, your matters matter.

We do not try to be everything to everyone.

We are a boutique business law firm which is small by design. It is how we stay focused on quality work and service.

As a team, we are dedicated to providing all our clients – no matter how big or small – with outstanding personal service. Each of our lawyers focuses on a particular aspect of business law so that you get the best, most efficient service possible. When we don't have the expertise in-house, we won’t pretend we do. Instead we have a team of qualified experts – whom we continually vet - that will gladly help you with that specific need. We do not accept referral fees so there are no hidden costs to you.

When you hire on MBS, you get our whole team of advisors.

We do not nickel and dime.

Unlike big firms, we do not believe the more lawyers that work on your file the better. We try to be very efficient and provide you the level of service that is needed. Our goal is to deliver value. Our chargeable rates relative to big firms provide exceptional value for the level of expertise provided. Our focus is to cultivate long-term partnerships built on exceptional service and trust.

We are very open and transparent with our fees and always try to provide reasonable estimates. While some may provide an estimate based on a “perfect scenario” we know that in business, reality is rarely perfect. Instead we want to provide you with a realistic sense of costs from the beginning. We provide really great, quality work to our clients for a reasonable price.

Our goal is to make sure you want to continue working with us.

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