Morrison Brown Sosnovitch LLP was formed because we believe there is a need for a business-focused firm that provides clients with exceptional, pragmatic advice and impeccable service – without any attitude.

At MBS LLP our mandate is clear – treat people with respect and lead with integrity. This is true of how we conduct ourselves with clients and in the office. We strive to create an environment where people can flourish through mentorship, support and autonomy. We only hire team-players who pride themselves on being ‘interested’ rather than just ‘interesting’. We not only hire for legal acumen, but also friendly, personable and down-to-earth lawyers – you won’t find any prima-donnas at MBS LLP. Our belief is that if we would not like working with a person, we are sure our clients would not either.

Just as our tagline states, we are ‘Big in skills. Small in attitude.’

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